Groundbreaking – December 2021

The long-awaited groundbreaking of our new theater is finally here. The creation of the DC Arts Center and the home of Rogue Theater began Thursday morning 12-30-21. We are so excited to be bringing this wonderful facility to the community!

This is an arts center for the community. We welcome other art forms to be a part of this center; both visual and performing arts. We want the space to be used night and day by the talented community members of Door County.

Rogue is still seeking funds to help them complete this project. We hope we can count on our community’s financial support as we continue to fundraise for the theater.

Building Update – May 2022

The DC Arts Center is beginning to take form. This will be an art center for the community as well as a home base for Rogue Theater.

If you haven’t been past the theater on 14th Ave, please swing by next time you’re near. Much of the steel is on, including the roof and side walls. Concrete finish work was completed last week after the plumbing rough-in was done. Interior walls are framed up and waiting for insulation and electrical wiring to be done. The front lobby addition is waiting for Plywood walls covered with vinyl cedar shakes and stonework. We were hoping to be ready for Memorial Day weekend, but it looks like we are shooting for sometime this summer. When we’re done with the building it will be time for Rogue Theater to turn it into their new home. Dressing rooms must be built, as well as hanging curtains and lights. A new stage will be built as well. 

Rogue Theater is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community theater, founded by Lola DeVillers and Stuart Champeau in January 2013 as a traveling theater troupe. Their vision is to have a space where all forms of entertainment and art can come together; including community and professional theater, music, dance and visual arts.

Since its inception, Rogue Theater has turned out over 70 productions with more than 350 shows; Bringing to its stage over 250 different actors and musicians, all of which are volunteers.

Set The Stage Campaign

The establishment of a building by DC Arts Center with Rogue Theater as its main occupant is a tremendous start. But to achieve our dream of a functioning full-scale theater we need a stage, curtains, lighting and sound equipment, seating, set building capabilities, dressing room amenities and a website that lets the world know about us. With a goal of $850,000 we can give our actors, crews, audience and community the quality entertainment they deserve – and at an affordable ticket price to boot.

How to Donate

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